Nextradio - Free Live Fm Radio

Nextradio - Free Live Fm Radio

Nextradio - Free Live Fm Radio

Next Radio, Llc Music & Audio

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SEE, HEAR, and INTERACT with your favorite local radio stations on NextRadio.

NextRadio uses 20 times less data and uses 3 times less battery than streaming.

NextRadio’s Live Guide lets you SEE what's playing on stations in your area so you can choose a station based on the artist or program currently playing on-air.

Download FREE FM radio on your Android smartphone today!

NextRadio is compatible with Android smartphones in the US on the following carriers: AT&T, Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. Some Verizon and T-Mobile phones. Coming soon on most BLU devices. For a complete list of supported devices, visit the following link:

Key Features:

* Tune in to live local FM radio stations on your phone
* See what’s on-air with Live Guide or browse radio stations by genre or frequency
* Uses 20X LESS data than streaming music
* Get 3X BETTER battery life compared to streaming music

Participating Radio Station Features:

* See artwork and song information while you listen
* Buy the song you just heard right from your phone
* Get a list of recently played songs
* Give feedback on the songs you like or dislike
* Share what you're listening to on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
* Discover artist-related content like upcoming concerts & record releases

Note: NextRadio uses the cord from your headphones or a stereo cable as an antenna to receive local FM radio signals. The app features the option to send audio to the phone's speaker if you'd rather not listen through headphones, but the cord must remain plugged in to receive FM signals.

- Now Playing screen updates
- Preparing for international device support
- Minor bug fixes